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Investors and Supporters

The Freedom Fund receives generous support from our anchor investors, those who invest in our hotspots directly, the Council of Advocates, government funders and other supporters. More information about our key donors can be found below. Some donors choose to remain anonymous. 


The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is an independent philanthropic organisation, headquartered in London with offices in Nairobi and New Delhi. It works to transform the lives of poor and vulnerable children in developing countries. Areas of work include children and mothers’ health and nutrition, children’s education and welfare, and smart ways to slowdown and stop climate change. It places significant emphasis on quality data and evidence to measure and evaluate progress with partners to achieve large scale and sustainable impact.

Humanity United is a foundation dedicated to bringing new approaches to global problems that have long been considered intractable. We build, lead, and support efforts to change the systems that contribute to problems like human trafficking, mass atrocities, and violent conflict. HU is part of the Omidyar Group, which represents the philanthropic, personal, and professional interests of the Omidyar family.

The Legatum Foundation is the development arm of the Legatum Group, a multi-billion dollar investment firm. Drawing on Legatum’s investment heritage, the Foundation allocates capital to projects, people and ideas that create enduring prosperity. For over a decade, the Legatum Foundation has funded thousands of small, community based organizations across the developing world, addressing unmet needs by applying the insights learned from over 30 years of investing in the global capital markets.

The Minderoo Foundation was established by Andrew and Nicola Forrest in 2001 based on the mandate to give a hand up, not a hand out. The Foundation has supported over 250 initiatives across Australia and abroad including projects in education, research, Indigenous affairs, disaster response and the arts. With over AU$645 million invested and committed philanthropically to date, the focus going forward has evolved and includes a partnership approach as well as the design and direct implementation of key initiatives. These include: driving collaboration and change in global cancer research, ending modern slavery, creating parity for Indigenous Australians, ensuring all children in Australia reach their full potential, nurturing new talents in the arts, generating world changing research and innovation in Western Australia and innovative community development and environmental conservation initiatives.

The Stardust Fund is a US donor-advised fund that seeks to empower socially excluded populations, particularly women and girls, by investing in transformative systemic and cultural initiatives that demand a world where we all have the opportunity to participate fully and freely.


C&A Foundation is a private foundation that aspires to a fair and sustainable apparel industry in which everyone can thrive. The foundation works to address the deeply-rooted challenges of the sector by supporting and driving initiatives, and partnering with key stakeholders to maximise results. The affiliation with C&A, a leading global clothing retailer, not only allows the foundation to test, replicate and scale programmes that can help the apparel industry become a force for greater good, but also compels the foundation to support communities affected by humanitarian crises. C&A Foundation is supporting the Freedom Fund’s efforts to combat bonded labour in the textile industry in southern India.

The UBS Optimus Foundation is an award-winning, expert grant-making foundation that helps UBS clients use their wealth to drive positive social change for children. The Foundation connects clients with inspiring entrepreneurs, new technologies and proven models that bridge a gap preventing children from surviving and thriving. It selects programs that improve children’s health, education and protection, ones that have the potential to be transformative, scalable and sustainable. And because UBS covers all its administrative costs the UBS Optimus Foundation guarantees that 100% of all donations go to support program partners, including research and development activities that benefit children. In 2016, it reached 1.6 million children directly. To find out more visit Follow the UBS Optimus Foundation on Twitter at @UBSOptimus. The UBS Optimus Foundation is supporting the Freedom Fund’s efforts to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Nepal’s adult entertainment industry.


The Freedom Fund Council of Advocates is a select group of passionate activists and philanthropists dedicated to supporting the Freedom Fund’s mission. Members play a key role in the Freedom Fund’s work, contributing their intellect, passion, advocacy, and financial support. Membership provides Advocates with a community of peers through which they can meaningfully connect with their investment and the movement to end modern slavery.

The current members of the Council of Advocates include Natasha Dolby (The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund), Brandee Butler (C&A Foundation), and Grace Forrest (Walk Free Foundation). The Council is chaired by Molly Gochman (Stardust Fund). More information about the Council of Advocates can be found here.


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The Freedom Fund is pleased to thank the following for making a variety of in-kind and other special contributions in the last 12 months: The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, Alan McCormick, Katie Ford, Legatum Institute and Molly Gochman.

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