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Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is a world free of slavery.


Our mission is to mobilise the knowledge, capital and will needed to end slavery.

  • We generate private funding by demonstrating how effective interventions can protect those at risk of being enslaved and free those in slavery.
  • We invest in those countries and sectors with the greatest incidence of slavery.
  • We analyse which interventions work best, and we share that knowledge.
  • We bring together a community of activists committed to ending slavery and empowered by the knowledge of how best to do so.



  • We seek the greatest possible impact with the funds we invest
  • We invest in the most effective interventions based on the best available evidence
  • We continually strive to do better
  • We pay attention to detail


  • We think creatively
  • We respond quickly to opportunities
  • We learn from our mistakes and adapt
  • We oppose unnecessary bureaucracy


  • We work in places and on issues where success may not be quick or easy
  • We are not afraid to take calculated risks
  • We speak clearly and plainly
  • We are inspired by those on the frontlines of the fight against slavery


  • We value the knowledge of those most directly affected by slavery
  • We acknowledge those who have gone before us and who work alongside us
  • We share credit when we meet with success and support each other when challenges arise
  • We never forget that donors trust us to make a real difference with their funds
  • We believe that giving should be transformative and enhance the lives of donor and grantee alike
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