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Ukraine Response


People fleeing violent conflict are known to be highly vulnerable to traffickers, as evidenced by previous crises in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Civil society groups and news outlets are reporting that the high numbers of refugees, combined with chaotic conditions both in Ukraine and at the border, has made it difficult for authorities to identify and register all those arriving and ensure unaccompanied children are protected. La Strada International and the Freedom Fund produced a rapid assessment calling for urgent action from governments, international organisations, NGOs and donors to counter an increase in human trafficking as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The Freedom Fund does not currently support programs in Europe, but we have heard from several donors seeking information about anti-trafficking efforts related to the conflict. Below is a crowd-sourced list of organisations and resources, intended for donors who wish to support efforts to reduce the risk of trafficking among refugees from Ukraine. This list was developed in spring 2022, so it may not be fully up to date. Please note that these have not been vetted by the Freedom Fund, as most have come through recommendations from our networks. If you would like to suggest an addition to this list, please contact Erin Phelps at [email protected]

Funding campaigns

Under the umbrella of Choose Love’s campaign, funders are mobilising resources for refugees (Ukrainian citizens, BIPOC communities and other third country nationals) fleeing Ukraine. The campaign is aligning and leveraging the funds entrusted by institutional, private, and corporate philanthropy, celebrities, and most importantly, everyday people. 100% of the funds raised go to organisations on the ground (including some of those mentioned below).

Local NGOs

INGOs & intermediaries

General resource lists for donors (not trafficking-specific)

Freedom Fund