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Joanna Busza

Joanna Busza joined LSHTM in 2001 after working in Southeast Asia on evaluating HIV prevention programmes for marginalised populations. She has 20 years of international research experience on HIV, sexual and reproductive behaviour, and the social determinants of risk among vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups, particularly sex workers and mobile populations. Joanna's focus has been on applied research, including the design and evaluation of targeted, community-based sexual and reproductive health interventions. She has particicular expertise in the use of qualitative and participatory methods, both in conducting research and as a means to create enabling social environments for risk reduction. She completed the MSc Medical Demography at LSHTM in 1997. Prior to that, she worked for reproductive health and human rights NGOs in the Middle East, and did an undergraduate degree in Political Science. Currently, she is based at the WHO Ethiopia Country Office in Ethiopia until at least April 2016.

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