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End Slavery Now – New modern slavery website

June 30, 2014 / Blog, Global Initiatives The Freedom Fund / @freedom_fund

Today we welcome the launch of End Slavery Now, a new website that aims to inform the general public about the reality of modern slavery and assist them in taking action to end it.

The End Slavery Now website describes the different forms of slavery, so you can learn, for example, about sex trafficking but understand it in the larger context of forced labor, child labor and other forms of slavery. It also describes the different types of abolitionist work that organisations participate in. Whether it’s awareness building, policy creation, rescues, prosecution, aftercare services or empowering survivors, organisations are doing incredible things to help realise real freedom throughout the world.

The Freedom Fund strongly supports this initiative because it is consistent with our own strategy of supporting the anti-slavery field as a whole, ensuring a more empowered global community.

Visit to learn more about modern slavery and how you can act to help put an end to it.