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MTV Exit documentary to fight trafficking in Bihar, India

September 22, 2014 / Guest Contributions, Blog Vithika Yadav

MTV EXIT’s documentary ‘Bazaar’ was launched in the state of Bihar, India in the last week of August, and has already reached 10,000 people, with help from local NGOs like Tatvasi Samaj Nyas (a Freedom Fund local partner organization). Bazaar is a documentary that addresses the issue of trafficking in the State of Bihar, which is one of the poorest states in India.

The documentary is designed to be screened at community events within villages that are highly affected by trafficking, and it features the real life cases of trafficking survivors, a middleman talking about how they operate, as well as police and NGOs discussing the way forward. It’s hosted by Ravi Kishan, the most popular Bollywood celebrity in the state.

The MTV Exit documentary, funded by Minderoo Foundation, is currently being screened across 38 districts of Bihar by Video Volunteers as well as NGOs including Tatvas Samaj Nyas.  So far, the documentary has been a huge success. The screenings are being used as an opportunity to talk to community members about the risks of human trafficking, encouraging people to speak up if they suspect that someone they know might be a victim, and to spread the word denouncing abusers and traffickers.  It helps viewers understand their rights and how to have access to government assistance. It is also being used as a platform to address the stigma that survivors face within the families and communities.

Credit: Vithika Yadav