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Freedom Fund to begin search for its next U.S.-based Managing Director

January 9, 2020 / Freedom Fund Updates, Blog The Freedom Fund / @freedom_fund

Amol Mehra, who has been the Freedom Fund’s Managing Director since May 2018, based in the U.S., will be leaving the Freedom Fund this summer to explore further leadership opportunities in the human rights arena.

“We will be very sorry to see Amol go, not least because he’s done an outstanding job for the Freedom Fund, and I’ve greatly enjoyed working closely with him,” said Freedom Fund CEO Nick Grono. “We are committed to a positive, supportive transition and Amol has agreed to assist in the ways we need in the appointment of his successor.”

In his time at the Freedom Fund, Amol has helped build the Freedom Fund as it transitioned beyond support from the founding donors, including assisting in securing over $25 million in commitments and has helped build an innovative five-year strategy that linked hotspot work with efforts to address larger systems that impacted modern slavery, including supply chains.

“My departure from the Freedom Fund is one that is marked by tremendous respect and admiration, including for our fearless leader, Nick Grono,” said Amol Mehra. “This is an organization that is desperately needed and whose lifeblood is the pure hope of a world where suffering is eliminated. This pulses through me too and I look forward to assisting Nick in the recruitment of an extraordinary candidate to join this incredible organisation.”