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Hotspot start date: July 2018

The Rajasthan hotspot is implementing a Child Labour Free Jaipur Program that aims to progressively eliminate child labour through a united strategy involving apparel and handicraft businesses, the state government, enforcement systems and communities.

The hotspot is distinctive in promoting cooperation between Rajasthan and the state of Bihar to remove children in Jaipur from exploitation in workshops, pursue justice against traffickers and give comprehensive reintegration support to the children in their home state. The program also has a major focus on outreach and partnership with local businesses to create systems change in business supply chains.

Read the Rajasthan hotspot six-month progress report.


See more global metrics.


Prayas JAC Society
TAABAR Society (Training Awareness and Behaviour Change about Health and Rehabilitation Society)
Labour Education and Development Society (LEDS)
Centre for Child Protection, Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice (CCP)
Indus Tree Crafts Foundation
GoodWeave India Trust
SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) Bharat
Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices
PointNine Lintas
Darma Commsol Pvt Ltd

Many of our Bihar partners are part of this program because they reintegrate returning children and prevent trafficking of children to Jaipur.


The Freedom Fund has funded several research studies to guide the hotspot’s work.

The following research projects are completed:

  • 2017 scoping study to determine in which sectors in Rajasthan there is greatest scope for bringing about significant change in eliminating child labour, and which strategies and tools are most effective within the different sectors.
  • Business supply chains research: Business Strategies for a Child Labour-Free Jaipur: The Opportunity for Jaipur Handicrafts to Shift from a Low-Productivity to a High-Productivity Production System. (Executive Summary and Full Report).
  • Report on the profiles of children rescued in Jaipur 2015 – 2017.
  • Report on the strategy design for neighbourhood initiative against child labour.

The following research is being completed:

  • A baseline study with two primary objectives: (1) to assess the status of government actions on the issue of child labour in Jaipur; (2) to measure the reduction of child labour in key industries and evaluate whether business norms are shifting.
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