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Slavery News Weekly: 14 December 2017

December. 14, 2017 / In the news Christopher Zoia / @Freedom_Fund

Each week the Freedom Fund compiles the most insightful and timely news stories about modern slavery. Check out what we’re reading among this week’s top slavery articles.

A new push against human trafficking on flights
Wall Street Journal, 13 December 2017
In an effort to thwart attempts by traffickers to transport people for forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation, U.S. airports, airlines and Homeland Security are working to educate employees and passengers for signs of exploited people they see traveling.

UK police rescue nine suspected victims of slavery from British trawlers
The Guardian, 12 December 2017
Nine African and Asian crew members working on a pair of British scallop trawlers were taken to a place of safety by police last week as suspected victims of modern slavery.

Shining spotlight on slavery, dance helps survivors find their feet
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 12 December 2017
At least 13,000 people in Britain are trapped in forced labour, sexual exploitation or domestic servitude. A dance company in the UK is using theatre to throw a spotlight on modern slavery while helping survivors regain their confidence through dancing.

Modern slavery: ‘I had to eat the dog’s food to survive’
BBC News, 11 December 2017
Brazil has the world’s highest number of domestic workers, and some six million Brazilians are employed by middle-class and rich families. Many suffer abuse and prejudice, and officials say some are kept in conditions that amount to modern slavery. The BBC reports one survivor’s story.

Seeking whistleblowers and battling black magic, Nigeria ramps up anti-trafficking crusade
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 5 December 2017
By rewarding whistleblowers, boosting prosecutions and challenging beliefs in black magic, Nigeria is ramping up its crusade against human trafficking, backed by millions of pounds of British aid.

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