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Slavery News Weekly: 24 August 2017

August. 24, 2017 / In the news Christopher Zoia / @Freedom_Fund

Each week the Freedom Fund compiles the most insightful and timely news stories about modern slavery. Check out what we’re reading among this week’s top slavery articles.

Bali process brings business and government together to tackle modern slavery
Huffington Post, 23 August 2017
Tackling modern slavery is a challenge that faces governments and businesses worldwide. This week’s inaugural Bali Process Government and Business Forum in Perth, Australia, is an ambitious opportunity for public-private collaboration, writes Fiona David of the Walk Free Foundation.

India to host world’s largest march against child trafficking
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 22 August 2017
Next month India will host the world’s largest march against the human trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Over 10 million people from across India are expected to take part during the month-long march which will start from India’s southern-most tip and end in the capital, New Delhi.

Pope Francis: prioritise migrants’ dignity over national security
The Guardian, 21 August 2017
Pope Francis has issued a 20-point action plan to governments on refugees and migrants to try to galvanise their response to unsafe migration. His intention is to lay the groundwork for the drafting of two global compacts on refugees and migration, which are expected to be adopted at the UN general assembly next year.

The economics of human smuggling makes it nearly impossible to stop
Quartz, 18 August 2017
A Cambridge researcher makes one of the first attempts to analyze and map out the criminal networks driving human smuggling, from East Africa, to Libya, and then Italy. In an interview with Quartz, he explains the economics of human smuggling and its relationship to human trafficking.

El Salvador, Guatemala lawmakers pass bans on child marriage
ABC News, 18 August 2017
El Salvador and Guatemala have joined a trend in clamping down on child marriage by passing legislation that would outlaw marriage with minors. UNICEF and other supporters applauded the change.

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Photo credit: Atul Loke, Legatum Limited, 2017

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