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Slavery News Weekly: 25 January 2018

January. 25, 2018 / In the news Christopher Zoia / @Freedom_Fund

Each week the Freedom Fund compiles the most insightful and timely news stories about modern slavery. Check out what we’re reading in this week’s roundup of top slavery articles.

Human trafficking and violence still rife in Thai fishing industry
The Telegraph, 23 January 2018
Human trafficking and forced labour are still rife across Thailand’s fishing industry, despite government pledges to reform, a new report from Human Rights Watch has revealed. It discloses that migrant fishermen are still being trafficked into bonded labour, forced to work in dirty and dangerous conditions and chronically underpaid.

EU countries urged to step up action against modern slavery
Euroactiv, 23 January 2018
The European Commission has called on member states to enhance the exchange of information and help conduct more effective investigations on rising human trafficking inside the European Union.

Middle-aged couples and families make unlikely slave masters in Britain
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 22 January 2018
Many modern slavery crimes in Britain are committed by families and middle-aged couples leading seemingly respectable lives, experts said, confounding the general belief that crime gangs control slavery operations.

‘I’m 14, I’m married and I want to die’
Elle UK, 19 January 2018
The Syrian war has torn apart millions of lives. Six years in, alarming numbers of Syrian girls are being forced into child marriage due to fallout from the conflict. Parents see child marriage as a way to protect their daughters against sexual exploitation, whilst also relieving the family’s financial burden.

Co-op offers jobs to victims of modern slavery and human trafficking
Independent, 19 January 2017
Victims of modern slavery and human trafficking are being offered jobs by retail giant the Co-op to help them rebuild their lives. Survivors of forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude are being given a four-week paid work placement in the Co-op’s food business.

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Photo credit: Daniel Murphy/Human Rights Watch

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