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Slavery News Weekly: 5 July 2018

July 5, 2018 / Media, Slavery News Weekly Christopher Zoia / @Freedom_Fund

Each week the Freedom Fund compiles the most insightful and timely news stories about modern slavery. Check out what we’re reading in this week’s roundup of top slavery articles.

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I found slaves in our supply chain
Sydney Morning Herald, 2 July 2018
“Modern slavery is everywhere. Only business, consumers and government together become a powerful enough force to overcome it,” writes Walk Free Foundation founder Andrew Forrest on the role of business in fighting slavery.

Child marriage involving bride of 11 sparks outrage in Malaysia
BBC News, 1 July 2018
The wedding of a girl of 11 to a man of 41 has prompted outrage in Malaysia and calls for the minimum age for all marriages to be changed to 18.

We need an updated approach to combat human trafficking
The Hill, 29 June 2018
Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN’s ECOSOC Sarah Mendelson makes the case for a “2.0 approach” to combatting trafficking. She cites the work of the Freedom Fund and our partners KnowTheChain and Human Trafficking Legal Center.

Freedom Fund partner Sunita Danuwar honoured as U.S. State Department’s ‘TIP Hero’
Kathmandu Post, 29 June 2018
Nepali social activist Sunita Danuwar has been honoured as U.S. State Department’s 2018 Heroes for her role in the fight against human trafficking. She is one of ten anti-trafficking Tip Heroes selected from around the world each year to receive the honour.

Australia proposes law to stop modern slavery
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 28 June 2018
Australia announced plans to halt modern slavery by forcing more than 3,000 businesses to report what they are doing to avoid using forced labour in their supply chains, but one rights group said the proposed bill does not go far enough.

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