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The Freedom Fund believes that convenings can be critical venues for movement building in the anti-slavery space. However, survivors and other marginalised individuals are often excluded from opportunities to attend, lead and shape their agendas – resulting in convenings that reinforce existing power imbalances and, ultimately, preventing the development of a more cohesive and powerful movement. We provide small grants to promote more inclusive convenings and ensure meaningful inclusion of survivors.

Grants take two forms: support for convenings and support for survivor participation in convenings. More details about these funding opportunities, including criteria and application processes, are available here.

How to apply

Send a one (1) page application to Antonia Musunga[email protected] outlining the following. This should not exceed 300 words.

  1. Name of the event /convening /conference and the objectives
  2. Number and profile of expected convening participants
  3. The role(s) of people with lived experience in the convening (including planning, speaking and participation)
  4. Budget

If you have questions contact Antonia Musunga, Program Manager for Movement Building, at [email protected].

Please note that due to funding constraints, we may not be able to fulfil all requests for funding. Our current guidelines, linked above, apply even if you have previously received funding from the Freedom Fund.

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