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Knowledge sharing platforms


The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center operates a critical resource for the contemporary anti-slavery movement: End Slavery Now (ESN). This resource serves the anti-slavery community movement in a unique way because it serves as modern slavery information source for the general public.

Through storytelling and various tools, this community-building resource will encourage the public to engage with the issue and suggest specific, measurable, impactful actions to take to fight slavery.

In 2015 the ESN tool will grow to better serve individuals in countries with a higher prevalence of slavery. The tool will particularly focus on countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, Thailand and Uzbekistan.


The Freedom Fund is supporting the Polaris Project to produce the first Global Modern Slavery Directory. In its first iteration the directory lists organisations, the locations in which they work and the types of slavery and interventions they focus on. It includes contact information and other available organisational information. All information is verified with the organisations concerned. The database is available through an easily searchable website.

Version 2 of the directory will seek to expand the range of information made available, to include basic financial information and relevant governance information. We will also explore if it is possible to use the directory as a vehicle to share organisational updates across the field and as a means to encourage organisations to collect and share standardised anti-slavery data.

To date, we have identified 1,500+ organisations working in the anti-slavery field globally. Moving forward, we will engage leading anti-slavery organisations globally to identify ways in which the directory can developed to best support the needs of funders and anti-slavery organisations, as well as continuing to populate the directory. As a starting point the directory will provide an effective tool to engage with all the organisations listed in it, and to advance discussions and sharing among the anti-slavery field as a whole.