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Freedom Leadership Program

A key element of the Freedom Fund’s strategy is to help build and empower a global anti-slavery movement, providing the platforms, tools and knowledge for organisations to connect and work together more effectively.

We now intend to advance this goal by establishing a Freedom Leadership Program to support and mobilise frontline leaders and activists.

The aim of this new Freedom Leadership Program is to build on our existing work by investing in the development of a new generation of anti-slavery frontline practitioners, especially women, through an impactful leadership and networking program for emerging and current leaders of anti-slavery organisations.

For maximum impact this initiative will involve two core components:

  • A leadership development program, blending leadership development with locally relevant technical skills and knowledge. This will take the form of leadership academies in each of the high prevalence countries in which we work.
  • National networks comprising some or all of the graduates from the leadership development program, with the view to connecting these networks into a global network over time.

The Freedom Fund believes that investing in the leadership and technical capacity of these frontline leaders will contribute to innovation and change within themselves, their organisations and the communities in which they work.

This program will offer opportunities for leaders and potential leaders of civil society organisations expand their skills, connections and visibility.

More specifically it will:

  • Systematically invest in field leadership – especially that of women and survivors – and give them access to skills and networks to assume leadership positions in the fight against modern slavery;
  • Provide leaders and potential leaders of frontline organisations with diverse learning and growth opportunities to enhance their skills and manage complex projects;
  • Share the initiatives that are working well – serve as a one-stop resource centre for organisations constantly striving to be more impactful;
  • Create valuable networks of leaders working for the same purpose;
  • Engage and inspire survivors and women and other anti-slavery activists to significantly accelerate their leadership capabilities.

Our objective is to have our first leadership academy operational by the end of 2019.

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