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Global Initiatives


Our global initiatives are a critical component of our commitment to the frontline. These initiatives generate knowledge, solutions and actions that influence governments, inter-governmental organisations, businesses and funders to end modern slavery. Each global initiative addresses a key issue or approach that is related to modern slavery prevention or eradication. The initiatives link organisations and strategies at the global level with the grassroots approaches of our hotspot partners, facilitating collaboration across stakeholders to encourage greater combined impact.

Legal Strategies: Seeks to develop and test new avenues of legal accountability and strengthen the enforcement existing legal frameworks on slavery.

Supply Chains: Seeks to eliminate modern slavery in corporate supply chains by focusing on key levers of reform throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

Treatment of Mental Trauma: Seeks to identify and test approaches to treating mental health and trauma among victims and survivors of slavery in low resource settings and foster an informed and global discourse on this issue.

Safer Migration: Seeks to generate robust evidence on what puts migrant workers at risk of exploitation and what interventions and strategies are needed to mitigate the risk.