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Animated video on the Freedom Fund’s hotspot model

March 7, 2018 / Videos The Freedom Fund / @freedom_fund

Watch this video to learn how the Freedom Fund’s hotspot model is empowering local frontline organisations to end modern slavery. Some of these frontline partners work directly to free victims, while others address root causes by improving education, healthcare and jobs. Their work is essential, but in isolation, their influence is limited. The hotspot model brings these organisations together in a network which multiplies their collective impact.

Our model links these hotspots to create a global movement of frontline organisations tackling the very systems that enable slavery. We equip our frontline partners with what they need to fight slavery in their communities. We support them to directly engage their governments to improve and enforce laws. When our partners speak with one collective voice, their influence grows, and governments listen.

Within our hotspot model, frontline organisations have already liberated thousands from slavery. Our work transforms the very systems that make millions of people vulnerable to exploitation, and it protects the lives of millions of people currently at risk.

As the video notes: “We are honoured to be part of a global movement to end extreme exploitation. Our vision is a world free of slavery, and we need your help. Together, we can end the scourge of modern slavery.”