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Watch: Covid-19 emergency response fund

August 3, 2020 / Videos The Freedom Fund / @freedom_fund

The covid-19 pandemic has been devastating to vulnerable groups, especially migrants, women and children. In April 2020, the Freedom Fund launched an emergency response fund, raising over $2m. The fund provided immediate support to frontline organisations helping those most at risk of exploitation.

By July 2020, we distributed over $1.4m to 130 frontline organisations in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand, directly serving 190,000 of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Watch our video about our response to covid-19 by the numbers:

Anti-slavery organisations must adjust their programs to the new realities of the pandemic and prepare for greater needs. Stay tuned for our upcoming report that explores how philanthropists can best respond to the long-term impacts of the pandemic.

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