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Webinar – On the Frontlines of Vulnerability: Research in the time of Pandemic

June 11, 2020 / Events, Videos The Freedom Fund / @freedom_fund

With covid-19 having a devastating impact on vulnerable communities, gathering data and evidence from slavery-prone communities is critical in ensuring an effective response – it is also very difficult to produce.

To explore the ethical dilemmas and the shifts in how research is being done under the shadow of the coronavirus, the Freedom Fund hosted a webinar with two experts who have been studying and highlighting the acute needs of marginalised groups in India and Ethiopia.

Now more than ever, we believe that the voices of vulnerable people need to be amplified for shaping policy and programmatic responses. We also need to rebuild our economy and society in a way that protects survivors of slavery from becoming re-victimised and prevents marginalised groups from falling into exploitation.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.